Saturday, June 2, 2012


Hi Stampers!
I have a confession to make.  I purchased My Digital Studio as a Convention Incentive several years ago.  I thought of several people in my life that would find this program LIFE CHANGING, or at least useful as they made books, calendars, photocards, tagbooks, planners, bookmarks, quilts, etc., using other online services, and I knew our program would be so much more versatile.  AND, if they wanted to add their own embellishments to said output, they could shop my catalog and coordinate perfectly.  How nice is that?  I could do those things as well.
I learned how to use MDS by taking the tutorials, and then classes at convention.  I can add punches, drop shadows, bows, lock elements, send things to the back/front/where-ever, use designer templates, make my own work, use a hybrid approach, I can do it.  I can even show you how to do it- happily.  Just ask!  The only thing I didn't do with MDS is use it.
Face it, I am a tactile person.  I would rather feel the stamp in my hand than do it on the computer.  I like the feel of ribbon.  I like the constraints of having a photo in one size and using it as is.  Probably what I like the best is the limiting choices of what I have on hand.  That's just me.
BUT- today I used MDS and I loved it!  I even printed it out on my own little printer and loved it!  You may laugh when I show you my output but keep in mind that baby steps turn into bigger things:
I'm taking my retired stamps to a flea market tomorrow to prepare for all the nice new stamps I am ordering and I'm decorating my booth to look somewhat like a fruit stand.  I sorted my stamps in categories into fruit boxes and I wanted to label the boxes.  If I had more time I could've hand stamped these tags myself, goodness knows I have many a retired alphabet in the bin, but I thought that typing the words would be so much quicker.  My original thought was to make labels in word, print them out, and then stamp.  And then I had a duh moment.  I made 9 tags in no time at all, spit them out on my printer, cut them up, and I'm ready to go!  I'M LOVING THIS!!!!!!!!!!  There is so much more I can do!  I printed on my Whisper White card stock and it looks so good- and I didn't even use the best quality on my printer!
If you would like to try out My Digital Studio for yourself you can go HERE and try it for 30 days for free.  I think you'll like it.
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